Is it Irish or American?

Imagine my disappointment in finding out that corned beef and cabbage is not Irish it's an American tradition. That's what started me on a search of the customs of the old country.

I'm an American of Irish descent. I've always celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a dinner of corned beef and cabbage. I still do. But corned beef is not common on the old sod (except maybe around Cork and Dublin). The closest thing they have to it is called boiling bacon (cured pork loin). It is cooked much the same way. They don't boil potatoes with the bacon and cabbage. They usually boil them in a separate pot.

What is their traditional food? That is one of the many traditions and customs you will find on this website.

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Proud of our roots!
Traffic light at Tipperary Hill, Syracuse,New York
I live in Upstate New York. Irish pride runs strong here. There is a neighborhood in Syracuse, New York called Tipperary Hill. Pride is so strong in Tipperary Hill that on one traffic light the green light is on top. Its been like that since 1924. The only light like it in the U. S. The story goes that city workers don't bother trying to change the green back to the bottom any more. When they do, it "mysteriously" changes back to green on top by morning. It must be the leprechauns.

That's the story my mother told when I was young.

The real story is that back in the 1920's when the traffic light was first installed, the Tipp Hill lads didn't like the idea of the "British red" being over "Erin's green". They would smash out the red light by throwing stones at it. The city decided in order to save money on constant repairs they would change the order of the lights. That's how the "green on top" traffic light came into being.

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Note: The picture in the upper right near the logo is courtesy of Bridget Blanton of Desert Rose Books. It's a road near the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. If you get a chance, stop by her site and say hello. She just may inspire you. She will definitely make you think.

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This site is not just for people of Irish descent. It is for anyone interested in the rich heritage of Ireland.

It all starts off when you are born. You need a name. You'll find a page on baby names and their meanings. Also, to keep out the chill you need to wear traditional clothing.

A traditional wedding is the perfect way to get married. At the wedding there should be an Irish dance or two. The dance should be accompanied by traditional music.

See if any of their Christmas customs are followed at your house.

Before you go forward you should know your past. Celtic history, mythology and ancient art are a good place to explore the past.

The old proverb, Giorraíonn beirt bóthar (Two shorten the road) sums it up best. I hope you'll follow me on my journey to find the old traditions.

Lets have some fun!

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