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This is where you will find Gaelic Irish boy names with their pronunciation and their meaning. These names are based on the Irish Gaelic language.

Coming up with a name for a baby may not be easy, but it is a lot of fun. Just try to imagine how the name and it's meaning will fit your new baby. Imagine what other people will think of the name. What will your boy think of the name when he gets older? What will the girls think of a Gaelic Irish boy name when he reaches his teens? What will he do for a living? Will the name fit? After he is married, what will he name his children? OK, OK, I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself here. But you see what I mean. This is the fun part. Just let your imagination wander. Think of all that's possible and what may be.

All right then, back to the present. You need a name for your baby. I hope you'll find what you need in the following list.

Have Fun!

Gaelic Irish Boy Names List

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Aidan, (ay-duhn), This name means "fiery" Derived from the word "Aed".

Braeden, (bray-dawn), From the Irish word "bradan" meaning "salmon".

Brian, (bree-an), This means "high, noble". It comes from the Celtic word "brig".

Caoimhin, (Kee-veen), Irish form of the name Kevin. It means "handsome, gentle, well born".

Cormac, (kaw-mak), This Irish boy name sounds kind of cool but it means "son of defilement". Use it or not, your choice. This was the name of a 3rd century Irish King.

Daragh, (di-re), Meaning "fruitful" or "fertile".

Eibhear, (eh-ver), This would be a good name for a boy; it means "strong as a bear".

Eirnan, (air-nin), Derived from the Gaelic word "iarann" meaning, "iron".

Faolan, (fay-lawn), From the word "faol", meaning, "wolf".

Feidhlim, (fell-em), This means "ever good".

Hugh, (hue), This comes from the old Irish name "Aodh". It means "fire". A few of my ancestors had this name.

Keenan, (key-nin), I don't know how this name fits for a little boy, but it means "little ancient one". (OK, I have to admit here that this is also a surname in my family. What can I say? I like the name.)

Murchadh, (mur-kha), From the words "muir" meaning "sea" and "cath" meaning "warrior".

Niall, (nee-al), This name means "passionate, vehement". It may also mean "cloud".

Owen, (oh-in), Means "Born to nobility or a young warrior".

Padraig, (pah-drig), This is the Irish form of the name Patrick. It means "noble".

Raghnall, (ran-al), Derived from the ancient norse-viking conquers. It means "mighty power".

Roibhilin, (rov-lin), This means "shining fame". The Irish version of the name Roland.

Ross, (raws), This comes from the word "ros". It means "promontory".

Seanan, (shaw-nawn), This Irish boy name means "little wise person". Derived from the word "sean" which means "old".

Searlas, (shahr-las), Irish form of the name Charles. It means "full grown" or "manly".

Seosamh, (shoh-sav), This means "God will add". Irish for the name Joseph.

Siomon, (shee-mon), It means "God is heard".

Tadhg, (tayg), Meaning "poet" or "honors God". Many Kings and Saints used this name.

Treasach, (trah-sak), This means "fierce, warlike".

Turlough, (tur-la), This might mean "one who aids or helps". Another meaning is "shaped like thunder". Turlough O'Carolan of the 17th century is the most famous of all Irish composers.

Good luck with your name search. I hope you found a name on this page to your liking.

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