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I will try to show you Irish girl names based on the Irish Gaelic language. I originally meant to base these names from old Celtic meanings. This is turning out to be a bit tougher than I first thought. Many names in Ireland are derived from other languages and cultures, but when adapted to the Irish language they have the distinct sound of Ireland.

If you found this page it means you are looking for unusual names, or for a way to honor your "Irishness". I hope you will find the perfect name for your little girl on this page. Just remember not to go too unusual or use a name that is hard to pronounce. This name will be with her the rest of her life. If you are like me you will like names that are lyrical and easily roll off the tongue.

I will list for you the name, the pronunciation, and the meaning of each of the Irish girl names, like I did on the Irish baby girl names page.

Oh, by the way, congratulations on the upcoming birth of your daughter.

The Irish girl names list

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Aibreann, (ab-rawn), The Irish word for April.

Aingeal, (an-gel), The Irish spelling for Angel.

Aisling, (ash-ling), A vision or a dream.

Branna, (bran-na), Hair as dark as a raven. "Bran" is the word for raven.

Ceara, (kee-a-re), This means "bright red one".

Clodagh, (kloh-da), A popular Irish girl name. Possibly derived from the names of two rivers in Ireland, the river Clody and the river Cloideach.

Daimhin, (daw-veen), Derived from the Irish words "damh" and "in" meaning "little deer".

Dairine, (daw-ree-ne), From the Irish "daire" meaning "fruitful" or "fertile". The name of an ancient Irish princess.

Dechtire, (deck-tier-a), The mother of the Irish hero Cu Chulainn.

Eadaoin, (eh-deen), One with many friends,

Eibhleann, (ave-linn), Meaning "pleasant, beautiful, radiant". Derived from the French name Aveline, brought to Ireland by Norman invaders.

Fianait, (fee-nat), Old Irish for the word "dear".

Fidelma, (fid-el-ma), Meaning "beauty" or "constant".

Geileis, (gay-leesh), This name means "shining, bright". Also derived from the Irish word "geis" meaning "swan".

Grainne, (graw-nya), One meaning might be "one who inspires terror". Derived from the word "gran" meaning "Grain or seed". In ancient Ireland she was the patron of the harvest.

Ite, (ee-te), Meaning "thirst or devouring" Saint Ite believed her name meant "thirst for divine love".

Keela, (kee-la), Derived from the word "cadhla" meaning "beautiful".

Kennocha, (ken-oh-kuh), Another name meaning "beauty".

Maolisa, (mail-issa), Derived from the words "maol" and "iosa" meaning "follower of Jesus".

Mella, (mah-la), This means "lightning".

Moire, (mohr), Meaning "tall or great". Ancient Irish Sun goddess.

Nuala, (noo-la), Means "fair shouldered, exceptionally lovely".

Sadhbh, (sah-eev), Meaning "sweet" or "goodness".

Siobhan, (shiv-awn), This is an Irish form of the name Joan. It means "God is gracious".

Una, (oo-na), This comes from the word "uan" meaning "lamb".

I hope you found the perfect Gaelic name for your little girl. If not, good luck with your search. I'm sure the perfect name is out there somewhere. After all this is the fun part, finding the right name and all.

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