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Traditional Irish food is the best comfort food in the world. If you didn't think the same thing you wouldn't be on this page now.

Before I go on if you are interested in Irish food you really need to have a look at the Food Ireland website. I promise you'll feel like a kid in a candy shop. You won't know what to try first.

OK, on with my page now.

Irish food recipes are definitely made for comfort. As I write this it's a cold, blustery January day in Upstate New York. (single digit temps, BRRRRR) People in the warmer climates just don't understand the true value of comfort food in the middle of winter. Coming from a cool climate the Irish excel in this area.

Now picture yourself at my place. I'm the cook. (I'm an excellent cook. My wife said I could say that.) It's January. It's cold outside. Inside is a hot oven. The warm smell of Irish soda bread is floating through the house. Mixed in with the smell of baking bread is the smell of seared meat for the Irish stew coming from the stove. It seems like hours before all is ready. This is torture you're starving. You're mouth has been watering all afternoon. The sights, the sounds, the smells, you can't wait until dinner time. Although the afternoon Irish tea should tide you over for a bit. Also if you ate a traditional Irish breakfast in the morning that should hold you until dinner.

Finally, the moment has arrived. It's time to eat. Butter is melting on thick crusty slices of warm bread. You dip your bread in the thick gravy of the stew. CAREFUL it's very hot. The brown gravy. The brown tender meat. Soft white creamy potatoes. Tender orange carrots. The taste and warmth in the first bite. AHHHH, heaven. All too soon the bowl is empty. The slice of bread is gone.

But wait, you're not finished yet. There's more to traditional Irish food than the main course. The Irish dessert is next. The aroma of apple with a hint cinnamon rises up from the warm Irish Apple Cake. Served with a little whipped cream. The flavors blend perfectly in your mouth. After the last sweet bite, you push back from the table thoroughly satisfied with a warm feeling of comfort.

Next you curl up in a nice warm overstuffed easy chair. You cup your hands around a hot mug of Irish coffee to complete the feeling of warmth. You look out the window to see snow drifting across the sidewalk. But you don't mind. Right now you're feeling nice and warm and cozy. It doesn't get any better than this on a cold January day. Ah, the comfort of traditional Irish food. Looks like naptime to me. Don't worry; I'll shovel the sidewalk later.

After your nap, maybe you even have enough room left for just one of the Irish cookies my wife baked. (I'm just the cook. My wife is the baker of the family.) OK, OK I'll stop here.

More traditional Irish food includes an Irish cream recipe. Don't forget the holidays. I have some Irish Christmas recipes. Saint Patrick's Day recipes include the Irish-American corned beef and cabbage. I have to include corned beef. It's part of my history.

If you were any more comfortable you'd be asleep. Enjoy the recipes.

Don't forget to have a look at the Food Ireland website. They have such a hugh selection of traditional Irish food you won't know what to try first.

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